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What's ATC?

Vehicle Tracking saves time. Following the 7/24 Tools consistently prevents non-business trips . Binding and finishing times of the work reports and optimize workflow. Drivers with , eliminates unnecessary phone calls made ​​about where they are. Thereby providing significant savings from the workforce.

Vehicle Tracking saves fuel. By preventing non-business use of vehicles ; unnecessary work, unnecessary acceleration , deceleration and control the yaw and speed made ​​. Thus providing substantially save fuel .

Vehicle Tracking , and minimizes vehicle maintenance and operating costs. Because of the bad use of tools and the purpose of preventing unnecessary trips out to do as well as extra driving ; maintenance of the vehicles with special software , service, or repair shall also monitor its activities . Thus, extending the wear of time -saving tools in maintenance and operating costs.

Why ATC?

  • Smiling customers with continuous customer philosophy ATC does not leave their customers alone after sales
  • ATC with people-oriented structure, does not distract from customers 444 call centers
  • Thanks to the quality-oriented approach, ATC, the product uses the product in automotive standards
  • Thanks to the common sense belief that ATC can open and easily integrated into any system requests from clients
  • To be broadminded ATC external and innovations in the domestic market with the fastest way to bring customers
  • Time is money motto of the ATC, customers provide the fastest solutions and the fastest service
  • With the belief that family ATC clients with other needs of clients in the network that provides the correct form in the most appropriate way.
  • Simplicity with ATC perspective, provides the information they want quickly and easily provide their customers and their staff just to save themselves when the vehicle is not
  • Domestic capital and the ATC due to the belief that the mind is a 100% domestic production.
  • Through faith the principle of equality ATC serves the small -medium-large enterprises save all of the appropriate pricing policy before then tries to make profit.
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ATC What are the advantages ?

Instant traces of historical maps onto your vehicles speed at the time of visit information visit You can view Writing . Tools collectively , individually or in groups, images , 2 can be tracked on the map selected . Special places you in the graphical view digital maps We have to place the tools GOING arrival time of Kaliste show his visit , the waiting time It reports the timeout.

Vehicles than before needing to intervene programs, Pause , movement, speed programs such as alarms , reports, SMS or e-mail provide follow-up. Your vehicle insurance , inspection etc. In a final reminder of operation reports .